Defective Products

Defective Products – Burning WirePersonal injury from defective products can be serious and require the manufacturer to be held liable for their errors in production, design, marketing or warnings. Whether its from a product with a faulty design, a missing part or a failed warning, manufacturers must be held liable for providing consumers with safe products. Personal injury law for defective products requires proof of liability or negligence of the manufacturer, as well as proof of injury or harm to the consumer.

As an example of a defective design, our client a 65 year old female, was injured when she fell from a dangerous stairway outside her friend’s building. The riser height of the last step was over 11 inches. The step before was 7.5 inches. The difference in the step height threw her off balance and she hit the sidewalk, fracturing her hip. The insurance company paid $675,000 to settle at trial.

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