Pedestrian Knockdown

Pedestrian KnockdownEvery year, thousands of pedestrians are injured by motor vehicles. On average in the US, every 8 minutes a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle. Pedestrian knockdowns due to drivers speeding, drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol, drivers failing to obey the rules of the road, drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians or general inattention while driving are all classified as crashes not accidents because they could have been prevented if the driver hadn’t made the dangerous choices and is negligent.

People hit by vehicles while crossing the street can suffer traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, spinal injuries or worse.

In a case we handled, our client, a 71-year-old retired teacher was walking for exercise in Central Park on a pedestrian road closed for motor vehicles. A drunk driver hit her from the back and knocked her to the ground, breaking her lower leg near the ankle and requiring surgery. The defendant driver was served alcohol 2 hours before hitting our client. Deliso Law sued the bar that served the driver the alcohol under the New York’s alcohol laws known as the “Dram Shop” law. The bar paid our client $1,500,000 after the jury was selected.

If you are a pedestrian knocked down due to the negligence of a driver, call Deliso Law at 718.238.3100 today. With our experience and commitment to our clients, we will fight to make sure you get the compensation you deserve to help you recover from your injuries.

“Thanks a lot Joe for preparing me for the trial. I felt very confident and was able to tell my story comfortably”
Linda K. client ran down by drunk driver