Work Accidents

Work AccidentsConstruction sites are filled with hazards putting workers in danger of serious life changing injuries. Ladders, equipment, heavy machinery, high speed tools, electrocution, and falling objects are just some dangers that lurk in construction sites, even when you take all precautions.

According to the United States Department of Labor (OSHA) one in ten construction workers are injured every year with falls being the greatest cause of fatal construction injuries.

Companies that operate construction sites must follow important safety rules to keep workers safe. Your boss may tell you to climb a ladder that is broken or, work high up without a safety harness. Or, not provide you with a simple hard hat. You continue to work, because you don’t want to lose your job and financially hurt your family.

Unfortunately, sometimes these companies may choose not to follow safety rules, so they can complete the job on time. They put their own profits over your safety.

Workers Compensation benefits are often not enough to help over a lifetime of suffering. To work again, you need to take your time to recover from your injuries, stress free, and without the worries of medical bills or how to pay your day to day bills. When you cannot work again because of the severity of your injury, full accountability requires that the wrongdoer pay for your pain and suffering and medical costs for your lifetime.

As an example of our work, in a successful construction site accident case, we represented a 30-year-old carpenter who fell from a scaffold while working overhead. The general contractor provided no safety belt for fall protection and the scaffold had a broken wheel lock. Our client suffered a fractured ankle and underwent surgery. He eventually returned to work with a disability. The insurance company for the general contractor paid our client $1,450,000.

In another work site injury case, we represented a 40-year-old plumber working at a sewage treatment plant in Queens. An electrical contractor was installing lighting during a rehabilitation project at the plant. The contractor chose to not pick up the debris left by its workers when the work day ended. Our client slipped on a cut piece of threaded rod left on the floor. He tore his Achilles tendon and had surgery to repair it. The insurance company paid our client 1 Million dollars.

Even if you believe your employer may not be a liable party, Deliso Law will investigate and work with experts to see if any other parties are responsible such as other trades and contractors.

If you or a family member has been a victim of a construction site accident, let the accident lawyers at Deliso Law fight for you, so you can recover and have the financial stability to do so. Call us for your free consultation at 718.238.3100.

“Joe and Dan, you were a great team. My first lawyer wanted to settle, but you guys fought hard for me. I feel I got what I deserved. Bless you both.”
Sal D. (client that fell from scaffold)